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Trading Harmonically

With the Universe

Do you want to know what creates all market movement?
The truth behind cause and effect?  Get started now!

About Trading Harmonically

I have spent nearly twenty years researching the cause and effect of all market movement. I've traveled to 40+ countries, studied Mayan, Egyptian, and other cultures, seeking answers to core principles of the universe.


Trading Harmonically offers a unique approach to trading all markets using ONLY universal concepts. I am one of only a handful of traders willing to post real, live forecasts and the results of those forecasts. 




Ongoing Education

Upcoming Workshops

Las Vegas, NV


Photo by Ken Yam on Unsplash

“Thanks again for the meeting, it was mind-boggling. I have tried many things, but I am starting to believe you will be the last stop in my trading career.”

~ Wieger

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