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Course Descriptions

Due To The Exclusive Nature Of This Methodology, All Products & Services Offered By Trading Harmonically Are Available For A Limited Time Only


Trading Harmonically has become an industry leader for “financial astrology” and a spear-head for alternative, cutting edge market techniques and research. Simply experiencing a Trading Harmonically DVD, International Seminar, or Product takes you instantly “down the rabbit hole” to a world of market application and understanding that less than 99.9% of all traders have even heard of. If you and your accounts are burned out with “traditional” trading methods, then look no further as this might be the last and final door you will ever need to look down as a trader.




Trading Harmonically offers an exclusive DVD series, that contains over 50 hours of revolutionary content, taking you deep inside the powerful Trading Harmonically Methodology. This material covers a wide variety of controversial concepts and trading applications that will elevate your ability and understanding to the next level and beyond!


























This series included full and unrivaled support from the creator, to maximize your experience and help you get the most out of the material. After all there can be no success without application!



Now offering BOTH the Primary and Advanced DVD Advanced series for one low price of $3618. USD

This price also includes entry to my archival forum, which covers all markets worldwide.

Trading Harmonically: Primary DVD Series

Product Benefits :

  • Super Charge Your Understanding

This series contains 50+ hours of incredible content designed to take your ability to the next level and beyond

  • Unique concepts, all original research.

This might be last door you will ever need to look through as a trader

  • Highest Levels of Accuracy possible.

This series goes deep  into this unique methodology and will give you the tools to trade at higher levels of accuracy and consistency then anything you have ever experienced

  • Powerful Application

With this material you will gain the ability to trade any and all markets worldwide for those looking to push for financial independence.

  • Revolutionary Material

Inside you will learn how to use nine core concepts of this methodology to give you the ultimate edge

 Primary series only. Mainly Deep Unique financial  Astro Based correlation to Markets worldwide. Live Go to meetings to provide deep understanding.


Trading Harmonically: Advanced DVD Series


Product Benefits :

  • Beyond ALL COMMON COURSES go deep inside markets, inspired by the Ancients

With this series you will explore the works of ancient cultures and many of the greatest minds in human history such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Pythagoras, Albert Einstein,.....

  • Going Deeper than any series available to public traders.

Inside you will uncover financial trading secrets and application greater than anything you could possibly imagine

  •  Our goal is to trade with Universal Harmony

Inside you will learn how to harness the harmony inside all market movements worldwide to achieve tremendous potential gain

  • Secret Discoveries never revealed before.

This series introduces and focuses on six new advanced concepts that will refine your trading ability and understanding to mastery

Advanced DVD Series  


Upcoming Live Events & Workshops

With an international forum reaching over 57 countries worldwide, Trading Harmonically comes to you direct in a wide variety of intensive international workshops and seminars from San Francisco to Egypt and numerous countries abroad. Take a quantum leap in your understanding and trading ability with these powerful intensive events by Trading Harmonically. There is nothing quite like one of these in-person live experiences, so we would love for you to join us.


Las Vegas, Nevada – May 9th, 10th, & 11th Completed


Auckland, New Zealand – June 28th, 29th, & 30th Completed


San Francisco, California – July 28th, 29th, & 30th Completed


London, UK – Fall  Completed

Limited number of recordings available. Inquire at: for more information.



For Current (2019) seminar schedule, view our Upcoming Workshops page

Or inquire at:



Trading Harmonically :  Online Workshops



Benefits :

  • Introduction and Overview Intensive

These workshops provide you an accelerated understanding going deep inside this powerful and unique methodology

  • Financial Astrology uncovered in a new light.

During these events you will discover a new generation of market approaches and learn how to directly apply unique trading techniques to any and all markets worldwide

  • Success, 

Having LIVE help you in person, to guarantee you get the most from these incredible workshops is truly priceless.

  • Interactive & Dynamic

In these events you gain an interactive approach to learning with subjects like nothing else on this planet.

  • Laser Focused Learning

When immersed in these workshops you will obtain exposure to many of the most unique and powerful trading concepts in the industry.


Total Investment :  $3618. USD


Trading Harmonically : Multi-Day International Seminars


Product Benefits:

  • Hands on - Immersion

These multi-day seminars provide you with super-charged understanding going much deeper inside this unique methodology

  • Financial Astrology explored.

During multi-day events you will go beyond core material, learning to apply advanced concepts such as cycles, periodicity, aspects, and orbs to any and all markets worldwide

  •  Taking you On your way to Masterful Success, is our goal

There is nothing quite like having a coach to help you in person, to get the most from these incredible multi-day seminars is truly priceless

  • Increased Retention from very highly visual presentations.

In multi-day events you gain abundant time to fully engage with a hands approach.

  •  Pushing you as a trader towards deeper understanding and Ultimate Knowledge

When immersed in these multi day seminars you will gain Basic and intermediate understanding of the core methodology and many of the newest approaches in the entire industry.


Total Investment: $6180. USD

Trading Harmonically : “One-On-One” and  SMALL GROUP Two Day Private Intensive Workshops

*Generally Held In  Las Vegas…

Product Benefits : For fast tracking your knowledge

  • Private Instruction

During these workshops you will receive unrivaled “one-on-one” personal assistance with a financial master and industry leader

  • Eliminate Uncertainty and guess factor. No technical indicators at all, non-needed.

Turn all of your trading weaknesses into strengths and gain a quantum leap in progress with a ground-breaking methodology

  • Total Refinement

Discover this unique trading approach for the first time or sharpen yours currents skills with incredible results

  • Numbers Theory

Conquer one of the most powerful and challenging core concepts of this unique methodology and learn to how to apply it to any and all markets worldwide

  • Personalized Focus and attention.

Prices start at: $6180. USD


Trading Harmonically : Live  Online  Webinar Events

Product Benefits :

  • Unique Material

These live webinars teach you revolutionary stock market material and application that is unlike anything released anywhere else on this planet

  • An Easy Way To Start from Home or office.

These webinar events provide a phenomenal way for you to get quickly involved with this powerful and unique methodology

  • Reinforced Learning

If you are already involved with this methodology and want to increase understanding while refining your trading ability, live webinar events are excellent ways to learn and add to your knowledge base.

  • Live & Convenient

 These live webinar events provide you with an easy and comfortable approach to discovery at your own discretion and convenience.

  • More often than not we go Deeper than most webinars.

These events can range from 2 to 3 hours in duration, taking you deep inside powerful content, leaving few stones unturned.


Introduction Material

Get started with the revolutionary Trading Harmonically Methodology today with these incredible one of a kind introductory products. Get an instant inside look into this new  generation of trading approaches, with direct application to any and all markets worldwide.


 Save years of pain and frustration by freeing yourself from a dependency on man-made tools and technical indicators, and discover how to trade purely with knowledge and understanding

No technical indicators are ever used, non-needed, they are all reactive.

Uncover some of the most powerful and controversial topics that less than 99.9% of all traders have even heard of. Try something new, and begin Trading Harmonically With The Universe today! 

Prices start at: $3618. USD


Trading Harmonically E-Book Series : An Introduction To Financial Astrology


Product Benefits :

  • Introducing Financial Astrology

Gain an inside look beyond veil, at one of the most cutting edge and revolutionary methodologies in the industry

  • No Technical Indicators

This powerful power-point presentation will open your eyes, and teach you how it is possible to trade with unique tools more forecastable than any man made tools

  • Powerful Material, unlike most out there.

This e-book series will put you on the path to success while saving you 10 – 20+ years of pain and frustration

  •  Many Controversial Topics,  start to open you minds-eye

This series will shatter all financial trading and stock market myth and reveal to you a few ground-breaking secrets

  • For All Levels, New trader, intermediate and experienced a like.

This e-books series is an excellent wealth of information and understanding for traders of all degrees of experience. Explore and open doors you may have not considered.



Trading Harmonically Introduction Film : The Art And Science Of Financial Astrology

Product Benefits :

  • Trading Harmonically

Dive deep into the powerful world of Financial Astrology with The World’s First Film On Solar Cycles. This 9 month production was supported by NASA, providing exclusive photography strait from the Hubble Telescope

  •  What is the Driving Force behind market movement?

 In this film you will discover what might be behind all stock market movements worldwide. It is an absolute essential for those who have never explored this methodology or who are interested in learning more

  • Following in the footsteps of the Ancients

Retracing the footsteps of many of the greatest minds in human history, in this film you will learn the powerful and hidden discovery’s many of them have made

  • Groundbreaking material.

Discover a world of market trading potential beyond your wildest dreams, inside you will be introduced to ideas the vast majority of professional traders have never even heard of.

  • Universal Language is the key to understanding.

In this series you will learn what Pythagoras believed to be “The Language of the Universe” and why this critical for you to know as a financial trader


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