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Financial Astrology 

Phases I & II

My Financial Astrology courses go way beyond traditional approaches to market movement. Using future cycles to forecast and trade futures allows you to "see the future in futures." Astro is a key ingredient to understanding future price and time movement. We study all the primary cycles, and learn how to apply them in any market, worldwide. 

I share the secrets, the hierarchy, the periodicities, and the major hidden cycles that have proven to be consistent in the markets. We cover why, where, and how-to; as well as the build of your astro wheels.


You'll learn to read the astro grid for tomorrow's market movement. And you'll learn to apply these principles to intra-day trading or swing trading.  

Numbers Theory

Phases I & II

After nearly twenty years of researching around the world, I can definitively say that one of the primary secrets inside all market movement is NUMBERS. But you can't use just any numbers! My specific approach works in all markets and all time-frames; it is at the core of all markets. 

Every market has a high, low, open, and close--and they are all numbers. Using my theory will give you an amazing edge. You will have the ability to forecast future direction and movement in any market you choose to trade. We will cover the when, where, and amplitude. 



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