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The Master Course

Private, One-on-One Intensive Classes

Recently, a trader asked, “What is inside your Master Course?” Here is my answer:


For true seekers of knowledge and the ultimate journey of discovery inside all market movement, I have created The Master Course—a three-month Journey to seek the best of the best to what is behind all of market movement. It includes…


Zodiac Harmonics

Advanced Astrology, Cycles, Forecasting and Prediction


Pyramidal Mathematics


Powerful Secrets inside Time!


One of the best Hidden Retracement concepts in trending markets.


An exploration of Music and Market movement.


Keys to understanding linkages and connections—oh my!



This level of study is based on all original material developed over years of back-testing, research, and study, which has yielded remarkable results including the ability to accurately forecast specific targets on a daily basis.


Specifically designed for advanced traders looking to go very deep into market movements, cause and effect. I will be sharing some of the best discoveries I have found, all based on universal concepts (no man-made indicators). These ideas and concepts apply to, and work on, all markets worldwide, in all time frames. 


These intensive workshops generally take place over three to five days, plus additional online meetings, and include a full array of support material.

Inquire for details. Limited offer. NDA and phone interview required.

Prices start at $36,000.


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