“Thanks’ again for the meeting, it was mind-boggling. I have tried many things, but I am starting to believe you will be the last stop in my trading career.”

~ Wieger


“Without doubt the best analysis of market dynamics I have ever seen / heard. The years of work / research are truly amazing. I am now able, finally, to make trades based on a new set of parameters without any technical indicators. Rather my trades are now based on mathematics and science. I believe Gann would have been proud to call you a peer! ”

~ Jim D


“I have been looking for a new way to trade, and I think what you have is the key to unlocking all the secrets. ”

~ MC

“It is said that what we think about, comes about. But your thinking must be focused and directed. The direction is best provided by someone who has traversed your desired path. In the field of stock and commodity trading there is no one more qualified than you.”

~ George


“I had to share this with you. I could barely concentrate on anything today, because the sheer beauties of watching this pyramid unfold. The market moves brought me to tears of joy. I mean literally! The universe is NOT RANDOM. I have always believed it, but seeing with my own eyes was a miracle for me. Thank you for the 3-D glasses.”

~ Suzanne


“Great call! Without studying with you, I would have never been able to calculate the exact high and low. As you teach, the deeper you go, the more you know. Worth all the work!”

~  Futures Trader


“WOW! Your meetings are incredible. I shall forever be indebted to you. Your instructions have been the most exciting learning experience I have ever been exposed to. Thank you.”

~ GA


“I admire you and your brilliance in putting your course together while still finding time for life ! You definitely must have an abundance of energy to do all of this. It is going to take me several times of re-playing the DVDs just to make sure that I don’t miss anything. I have started with the “Unlock the Secrets of the Stock Market” which I have just finished and now I am part way through “Vol I – Trading Harmonically Intraday Seminar”. I was astounded to learn about the Giza Pyramid and its position on Earth at that harmonic number. INCREDIBLE! I read your post, and it is amazing that you have pinpointed the high and low yet again!”

~ Ken